ILOILO CITY — Bayan-Panay and Karapatan opened their office in front of Jaro I Elementary School last November 13, 2019 to the members of the Commission on Human Rights Region 6, Barangay Officials of Cuartero and Fajardo, and the Media, for inspection.

This was the answer of the said groups on the ceaseless raid of the AFP and PNP towards their affiliates in Negros and Manila, which caused for the arrest of 62 members of the progressive groups, alleged by the government as criminals.

According to Elmer Forro, Secretary General of Bayan-Panay, they are not afraid to open their office in order to show that they do not store nor hide arms and bombs inside, which are usually the things found in the raids of the AFP and PNP.

Forro believes that the arms confiscated from their affiliates were planted by the agents of the state themselves to prove their questionable raids.

Forro added that the reason why they are being attacked by the government is because of their outright actions to forward the democratic rights of the people and the need to change the rotten system, which are all legitimate causes and a practice of our rights.

Some of the policies that the group opposes include TRAIN Law, Rice Liberalization Law, Oil Deregulation Law, Jeepney Phaseout, Corruption, Contractualization, low wages, and the continuous enslavement to the Imperialists.

Their group is not threatened, according to Forro, because this move by the Duterte government only shows how desperate they are and that they cannot anymore exert their power under democracy, which is why they resort into using brutal and ceaseless violation of human rights.

However this move of Duterte, according to Forro, will only be a factor for a stronger and broader people’s struggle.


Karapatan-Panay spokesperson, Lucy Francisco, called PRO 6 spokesperson Joem Malong a liar and a deceiver after the latter said that progressive groups should not be afraid if they do not commit any wrongful acts in the first place.

According to Francisco, Malong’s statement only supports the set-up raids, wherein the planting of arms and bombs are a modus operandi, in order to show that their operation is legitimate and prove that activists are criminals.

Francisco added that they are not threatened because it is clear that they do not violate anything at all.

The weakling and the cowards, according to Francisco, are the AFP and PNP themselves for violating through their modus operandi of planting arms and bombs in order to show that their operation is legitimate.

This move, according to Francisco, is being done by the AFP and PNP, under Duterte’s command, to criminalize the critical masses who calls out the flaws of the government because this government only wants to develop the culture of killings, censorship, and adherence only to the commands of the dictator.

Francisco challenged Malong to stand with the truth and stop the twisting of the story as well as to resign if what he only does is to spread the wrongful acts of the AFP and PNP. /

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